ICON Consultancy

ICON is engaged in consultancy works in a number of areas, namely; political; economic and commercial; defence and security. It’s wide ranging interests and linkages makes it ideally placed to provide professional assessments, analyses and forecasts.

ICON Knowledge

Research is core of ICONai??i??s operations. Our team of analysts conduct independent, rigorous analyses of critical global-, regional- and country-specific issues, with a special focus on Malaysia. We consolidate data obtained from analyses to develop new ideas on how best to address critical local and global challenges and take advantage of opportunities from near- to long-term perspectives. Policy recommendations are developed in collaboration with policymakers, experts, and key stakeholders in each area. The Centre also provides consultancy services to the public and private sectors on strategic advice and political-risk analysis. Information and documentation from our events and analyses are available in ICON reports and other forms of publications, both print and online.

ICON Courses & Trainings

The Centre provides global leadership development seminars and courses aimed at equipping future leaders with the necessary and relevant skills, such as effective communication, as well as crisis management, to face global, regional and local issues. Additionally, ICON facilitates and organises educational programmes focusing on areas of management, economics, finance, and language.

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