ICON China Forum

China is no longer on the rise but rather it has arrived on the world stage. While the Soviet Union, even during at its peak, was once described as an incomplete Superpower, by virtue of the fact that it was powerful only in military terms but lacked the economic might of its arch enemy, the United States. Today, China’s power is not only in military terms (ever increasing) but also in its economic strength. It is already the second largest economy of the world and it is undoubtedly an economic power house. It’s commercial tentacles have reached to all corners of the world.

It is due to the global presence of China and its far- reaching impact that ICON is setting up the ICON China Forum as a platform for the discussion as well as monitoring of this global economic engine.

It opens its paid membership at both the corporate and organizational level, as well as individual.

The benefits of membership are as follows:

Regular briefing session (scheduled once every two months)

Every session, ICON will invite experts to provide a briefing on several aspects. The briefings are succinct and will provide not only information but also assessments and analyses. Q and A sessions will follow the briefings. The Briefing sessions will cover these areas:

  1. China’s domestic scene
  2. China’s foreign policy, including its economic and commercial activities globally
  3. China and Malaysia – political and economic ties
Access to ICON data base

ICON will build over time its own data base on China, focusing on its activities in Malaysia and the rest of the ASEAN region. This could act as a source of information

Consultancy on China

With its excellent networking, ICON can provide consultancy services to clients who are interested in doing work on China.

Periodic workshops, seminars and conferences

From time to time, the ICON China Forum will organise workshops and seminars and conferences as platforms for the discussions on various topics of interests and concerns, not only for Malaysia but also the rest of the region and the world.


Corporate Membership

Each corporate member is entitled to nominate up to five participants to any of its activities

RM3000 per annum

Individual Membership

RM500 per annum